Bone Injector,Bone Syringe,Bone Modified With Titanium Millworks 46-125-00

It is an ideal instrument used for the preparation of autogenously bone material into
smaller sized particles for grafting procedures
The tips are made with the finest quality stainless steel.
Made up of Stainless Steel helps in retaining their shape and resist breakage of tip
Corrosion resistance alloy
Suitable for all types of Disinfection solutions

GDC Bone Mill Forcep (IMPBM)
Used to obtain a bone slurry or powder for use as a bone matrix for bone regeneration or bone grafting.
Preparation of Autogenously Bone Material into Smaller Sized Particles for Grafting Procedures.
Instrument Bone mill forceps are shaped to insert bone between two serrated disks for smashing so the particles are minutely broken. it is easy and simple to use.

Place harvested bone in the well of instrument
Squeeze the instrument handle to close the housing and turn “T” handle
Bone is morselized between knurled titanium surfaces
Push “T” handle to remove bone from the instrument
The grind bone chips are ready to use for bone augmentation