Dental Chair

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Avyanna dental chair is highly ergonomic designed dental unit to
improve every minute spent around the patient chair which leads to
comfort for all: Dentist, Assistant and Patient. Fully electrically
operated dental chair with state of art microprocessor based chair
control system with feather touch switches for chair operations with
Zero programme gives precise control over the chair.
Technological features designed to accompany the evolution of the
profession based on practicality and operational safety makes Avyanna
best dental chair with microprocessor in the Dental treatment center.

Fully electrically operated Avyanna dental chair with the microprocessor-based PCB control system.

Feather-touch switches for Avyanna chair operations with Zero program.

Swiveling armrest for easy patient access.
Avyanna Chair side Porcelain spittoon with auto water connection for cup filler & flush function.

Advanced doctor’s console equipped with:- Two Air Rotor points, Micromotor with 35000 rpm, 3-way syringe, Non optic Scaler.