Auto Refractometer

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The Auto Refractometer is a device used for measuring refractive errors in the eye. It has a wide refractive measuring range, including Sph: +25D and Cyl: +10D with step options of 0.12D or 0.25D. The Axis can be measured from 1 to 180 degrees with a step of 1 degree.

The device offers both automatic and manual measurement modes, which can be selected from the monitor. It also has an IOL function for measuring intraocular lenses.

The Vertex Distance can be set to 0, 12, 13.5, or 15mm, which is selectable by the user. The minimum measurable pupil diameter is 2.00mm, and the measurable papillary distance (PD) ranges from 30mm to 85mm with a 1mm step. The PD measurement is automatic.

The Auto Refractometer features a scientifically designed auto-fogged scenic picture as a fixation target.